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Many people didn’t believe Senator Ted Stevens when he said that the Internet was a series of tubes. Well now, thanks to Google, there is proof that he was right! In Google Chrome, if you have it, visit about:internets. This provides a graphical illustration of the internet which looks very much like a series of tubes to me.

It appears to based upon the Windows 3D Pipes screensaver. It uses the mixed joints, but I’m not sure if it also includes the teapots, like the real screensaver. If you see one, let me know.

Problems with XHTML

For anyone that likes XHTML, there is now evidence to show that XHTML is extremely harmful. According to this report, XHTML has been linked to the following problems:

  • Computer viruses;
  • Inability to get Opera support;
  • Destroying hard drives;
  • Automatically forwarding and deleting e-mails; and
  • Credit card fraud

Now, if only you had listened before it was too late! 🙂