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Security related issues

Problems with XHTML

For anyone that likes XHTML, there is now evidence to show that XHTML is extremely harmful. According to this report, XHTML has been linked to the following problems:

  • Computer viruses;
  • Inability to get Opera support;
  • Destroying hard drives;
  • Automatically forwarding and deleting e-mails; and
  • Credit card fraud

Now, if only you had listened before it was too late! 🙂

Microsoft Security

After running Windows Update recently to install the latest patch, I came accross this warning message. I thought this message was very indicative of the current state of Microsoft products, and thought it was quite funny. The message stated the following, and offered a choice of Yes or No:

Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool

The software tool has detected that you are running Microsoft software that may contain a security vulnerability. There are security updates available from Microsoft that fix this security vulnerability.

Would you like to learn more about the security vulnerability as well as the necessary security updates that address it? (Note that if you click No this tool will not prompt you again.)