Birthday Announcements

It’s that time of year again where I get a year older. I’m turning 25, and I’ve got a few announcements to make.


I have bought myself an iPhone. It’s the greatest phone ever created! I have successfully unlocked and jailbroken the phone using ZiPhone 2.5, which allows me to use the phone in Norway. I’m not locked into a 2 year AT&T contract, and have the freedom to use whatever telco I like.

The phone itself is wonderfully easy to use. If you haven’t got one, I’m sorry. I installed a few 3rd party apps, such as Converter, AFPd and Touchpad, which are all pretty cool and useful apps.

It wasn’t all fun and games. I managed to brick the iPhone last night and thought I had lost it after less than a day. I had installed OpenSSH and, stupidly, changed the root password. That’s a bad idea. I should have paid attention to the warning about doing so on 1.1.3 or later firmware when installing the BSD Subsystem. But, after about 10 minutes of panicking, wondering if I would ever recover it, we managed to reset the password and get iTunes to restore the phone, after which I could unlock and jailbreak it all again.

New Web Host

I have now transferred my website to Dreamhost. My plan started out with 500GB of storage space (499GB more space than my previous host, where I only have 1GB). This is now enough space to use it as an IMAP mail server, to store all my archived mail from the past several years, and all future email. That’s much better than having to use POP3, which I have been using for quite a while now.

It’s possible that some things on this site may have been broken due to the move. If you find anything that doesn’t work, I would appreciate it if you let me know. There are some things that I know are broken, and I will be spending the next few days trying to verify that everything works fine.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Announcements

  1. Hi there,

    I know you probably don’t like the idea – but Australian hosting is much better and faster! I was with an American host because of the price, but I figure why not pay the extra couple of bucks for an Australian host – and i came across ITTelligent Hosting ( – and they are FANTASTIC! Yes, their prices are a bit higher, but they offer you 24/7 phone support and email support (depending on which plan you go on).

    They are always willing to make deals, and their support is excellent.

    Please, just pay them a quick visit and see what they’re all about!


  2. Grace, because their most expensive plan is about 800% more expensive than what I pay now, and they still offer significantly less disk space and place arbitrary restrictions on things that I get included with dreamhost. They’re cheaper plans offer significantly less than what I had with A Small Orange, and yet they’re still more expensive than that.

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