Themes and Extensions

Themes and Extensions settings can be accessed from the Tools menu in Firefox.

Firefox is the most customizable browser on the planet; you can effortlessly tailor Firefox to your needs for the best possible browsing experience. Themes allow you to customise the appearance, while extensions offer enhanced features and functionality.

The Mozilla Update community offers a wide variety of themes and extensions. Installing is as simple as choosing what you like and selecting install now — the feature will be automatically downloaded and installed for you.

There are many themes available to customise the look and feel of Firefox.

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed Browsing is a powerful feature that makes surfing the web faster and more convenient. Managing multiple web pages within a single window helps to keep your desktop and taskbar free from clutter; and allows you to keep reading while other pages load in the background.

The intuitive interface and keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to open and switch between multiple tabs, save you time and help you to find and read more information, faster. Simply press Ctrl+T, or middle-click a link to open a new tab.

Live Bookmarks

Bookmarks are equivalent to Internet Explorer’s Favorites which will be automatically imported during setup. Live Bookmarks allow you view the latest headlines directly from websites in your bookmarks toolbar or menu. Many sites are already enabled for Live Bookmarks and Firefox lets you know by displaying the orange Live Bookmarks button in the status bar — subscribing is an effortless task.