Google’s Favicon: Yikes!

Google’s new favicon is horrible!

The final icon

According to the Google blog, the icon was based on a submission from André Resende, which I think looks better than the final version. However, I still think both are absolutely horrible.

André Resende’s original submission

As you can see, Google shifted the ‘g’ from the centre to the far left making it look unbalanced. Overall, I find it rather displeasing to the eye. I guess I will have to find some way to either block the icon entirely or make my browser use a custom icon instead.

5 thoughts on “Google’s Favicon: Yikes!

  1. If your browser is Opera, it is easy enough for a geek… Locate the *google.*.png and *google.*.ico items in Opera’s icons cache, replace them, then make them nonwritable.

  2. I found it ugly as well. I don’t know it is a “g” character if you don’t tell me…

  3. Regarding XHTML validation:
    The “alt” attribute for the “img” element for both icons are missing!

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  4. I do not want to interrupt the flow, but the new icon is definitely great. Shifting the g to the left is necessary if you want to make it interesting (obeying the rue of third I’d call it, but that would be to technical). Additionally, the colors were shifted to RGB. All in all a really good icon, that catches the user’s attention and is easy to remember.

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