Lord of the Dance

About 2 days ago, I got an email from a friend in the UK about an article they’d seen in The Observer and apparently I’m an internet celebrity. While I wouldn’t go as far as calling me the next Gary Brolsma, apparently my Spice Girls Lip Sync Danc Parody has entertained (or rather shocked!) people from all around the world. I was featured alongside a few other “unlikely dance floor divas and destroyers” in Lords of the dance. What more can I say, except that they described me perfectly:

In honour of the Spice Girls reunion, geeky YouTuber Lachlan Hunt films himself having a ‘bit of fun at my own expense’. That means dancing to ‘Wannabe’ like a stringbean trying to be sexy. Which could have been funny if he wasn’t doing it by himself, didn’t exude such a desperate fug of total shamelessness, and hadn’t so obviously spent hours practising in the mirror.

But wait, there’s more. The day after I found out about that article, I received a message through YouTube from a user claiming to be from the Media Acquisitions department of Virgin Atlantic.

We enjoyed watching your Spice Girls Lip Sync Dance Parody on YouTube and may be interested in showing this onboard Virgin Atlantic flights. Would you be interested in this? Let me know your thoughts.

I have no idea if that’s legitimate or not, but I wrote back and said it sounds interesting and asked for more information. Who knows, next time you fly Virgin Atlantic, the in flight entertainment could be supplied by yours truly!.

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