Selectors API Naming Debate

The Selectors API naming debate is finally over! (I hope)

The number of possibilities and arguments was absurd! There were over 38 pairs of names to choose from, with arguments for and against every single one of them. Today, after carefully reviewing the arguments and considering the possibilities, I eventually decided upon selectElement() and selectAllElements().

In an attempt to settle the debate once and for all, I wrote a detailed rationale explaining how I came to this decision. You can see the latest version of the spec in CVS.

1 thought on “Selectors API Naming Debate

  1. After reading your detailed rationalie I wholeheartedly agree. I work a bit with ISO for standards (not related to the web) and until you’ve gone through the process you have no clue how much debate and thinking goes into these decisions. I think the right choice was made though.

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