HTML5 Accepted by HTMLWG

It’s about time! After over 2 months and dozens of pointless debates on public-html–the W3C’s HTMLWG mailing list–we have finally achieved something productive. The HTML5 spec, which we have been working on in the WHATWG for the past 3 years, has finally been accepted for review as the basis for the official HTML 5.

This is great news! It’s certainly better than the other alternative proposed: start with HTML4 and drop the transitional features (yes, some people actually did suggest that!).

The charter says we’re supposed to have a first public working draft published by June this year, and it looks like we will actually be able to achieve that.

1 thought on “HTML5 Accepted by HTMLWG

  1. HTML 5 has come a long way, I am glad it is done with, and happy they did not go back to HTML 4 and just moved on ahead. I look forward to reading the first draft when it is made public.

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