Fund Raising

If I’m going to seriously consider attending WD06 in September, I really need to start saving up significantly. Unlike many others, because I’m a freelance contractor and I’m not lucky enough to have my employer cover it for me, I have to cover the whole cost by myself.

As a way to help save up for the conference, I’m going to see what this site can do for me. Although I refuse to ever place advertisements on this site, I’m going to try accepting donations through Pay Pal. So if you would like to see me at WD06 and would like to help me make it there, please feel free to contribute a few dollars.

The Pay Pal button will be in the side bar of this site at least until the end of September, and all donations received from now until then will go towards my ticket. In the unlikely event that there’s some left over, I’ll probably donate it to a charity.