CSS and JavaScript Workshop 2006

This past Monday and Tuesday, I went to the CSS and JavaScript Workshop 2006, which was just fantastic. Although I was one or the more knowledgeable attendees, I still found it a valuable experience. I even picked up a few techniques I hadn’t seen or used before, which I’ve already started putting into practice.

I got to meet both Russ Weakly and Cameron Adams, two wonderful people that were very easy to talk to, and I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again at the next WSG meeting in a few months. Russ even put a photo of me on Flickr. I also met a few other people, some of whom knew of me online but had never met me face-to-face. I even managed to get a few contacts for potential contract work in the future.

The most beneficial part of the workshop for me was the discussion of XMLHttpRequest(), which I had some understanding of but have never really put into much practice, and the form styling and validation techniques were rather interesting as well.

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