Lachy’s Back

At last, my site has finally returned in all its glory after an extremely annoying incident involving exceeding my monthly bandwidth usage limit just over a week ago! That means, I had far too many visitors and people downloading the latest Thunderbird flyers which my current plan simply couldn’t handle. At this stage, I’m not planning on increasing my limit as that would cost extra and I’m not expecting it to happen again; however, if this becomes a regular occurrence, I will of course consider immediately upgrading.

In the mean time, I have been quite busy working on a few little things which I’ll be blogging about over the next couple of days. This includes a really cool, object-oriented JavaScript keyboard manager designed to take all the mess out of capturing keyboard events and cross-browser compatibility for web applications, and some nifty CSS I wrote for my user style sheet.

As a little teaser, the keyboard manager is actually being written as a modification for Eric Meyer’s S5 that will (hopefully, if all goes to plan) actually be the first of several modifications to make the whole system object-oriented and to enable plugin support with a very easy Plugin API. Although it’s still very much in the design process at the moment so there are no guarantees it will work, the results I’m getting look very promising.

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