Volunteer Wanted: CSS Artist

I’m looking for someone that can help me out with the Firefox 5 Minute Challenge that I’ve been working on over at SpreadFirefox. The CSS has been started, but still needs a lot of work, and I don’t have the time, nor the ability to get it working properly anytime soon, so I’m asking one of my loyal readers would like to volunteer to complete the CSS for me. Not only would you be doing a huge favour for me, but you’d be contributing to a great cause – Spreading Firefox!

If you can help out, leave a comment with your contact details or e-mail me <lachlan.hunt (AT) spreadfirefox.com>. Most of the files you’ll need are already available for you to work with, just download them and get started. I can send you all the source files if you need to re-create any of the images for any reason (eg. to fix image sizes, especially for the header and logo), and for the few images that aren’t up yet.

Note: One thing you should take note of is that file paths in the markup and CSS do not include file extensions because this server is set up with multiviews to handle the alternate languages and file formats. If you’re not developing it on a testing server with multiviews enabled, then you’ll need to add the file extensions or the browser won’t find the files.

Since IE users are the target audience for the page, it needs to work fairly well in it. It doesn’t need to be pixel perfect, but needs to be visually appealing for any IE users. It should work perfectly in Firefox because it would be fairly embarrassing to promote Firefox with a page the doesn’t work in it. If possible, I’d like it to work in IE 5.x, but that’s not a priority – aim for IE6 at least.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Wanted: CSS Artist

  1. Mmm, sounds interesting. Just so that I’m completely clear, you want somebody to fix up that particular page you were linking to?

    You have my e-mail address, so just send me the files so that I can start hacking. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, just another thing, I’m terrible with editing graphics, but from the title and content of your post I presume I’ll only have to work with the markup/CSS?

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