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Where's the Text?

Since this is the first post, it really needed to be something special. So, I think I've found one that really comes close to defining what this Blog is about. We all know about thousands websites that use image-text navigational links, where text should be appropriate, but this one really takes the cake on the abuse of that technique!

MGM Australia have decided that the formatting of their website is absolutely, and undoubtedly the most important aspect of a website. The user has absolutely no ability to change anything, including the colour, font or size (with the exception of Opera's zoom-everything approach). Basically, the only textual content in the whole document comprises PRIVACY POLICY TM & © 2003 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. at the end of the document. The rest is basically just one extra large sliced image. And, to top it all off, all the alt attributes have been explicitly set to alt="". In case the site's been changed by the time you see it, view the MGM Australia screenshot. The images have been outlined so you can see how they've been sliced.


Jeffrey J. Stables said:

Their site is /still/ the same...

Comment Posted: 4:40 AM

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This WeBlog is a gallery of websites that basically, just get it wrong! The aim is to showcase the stupidity of some of the worst HTML-Terrorists. It's not just about the millions of average website builders who use image-text navigational links, tables for layout, or nothing but <font> tags. This blog aims to point out those who take that little extra step in making their site difficult to use, completely inaccessable, totally annoying or just hypocritical!

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