The content of these blogs reflect my personal opinion and are mostly uncensored. Although they may contain offensive material to some people, most of it is light hearted and quite informative. No warrenties or claims of liability can be made with regard to the content of these blogs, and no content shall be removed, except under the most extenuating circumstances.

Lachy’s Log
My opinion on web design, development and other related issues. This is my online diary. It’s a window to soul, a reflection of my opinions and/or feelings of my day to day life as a web developer.
Net Twits

This WeBlog is a gallery of websites that basically, just get it wrong! The aim is to showcase the stupidity of some of the worst HTML-Terrorists. It's not just about the millions of average website builders who use image-text navigational links, tables for layout, or nothing but <font> tags. This blog aims to point out those who take that little extra step in making their site difficult to use, completely inaccessable, totally annoying or just hypocritical!.

Although I do not post to this as often as my log, the aim is to be as accurate, informative and constructive as I can be regarding mistakes made by other web developers. I try my best to explain why I believe the techniques discussed are mistakes and offer better alternatives, if necessary. This is not intended to be offensive to those sites documented, but a constructive explanation of their mistakes.