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Does my Browser Really Smell that Different?

Many of us, who don't use Internet Explorer, have fallen victim to some poorly written JavaScript browser sniffing that only supports IE, thus leaving the site inaccessible to all other users. However, there are the occasional authors who do try to do the right thing, by thinking outside that Microsoft box they live in to incorporate some other commonly used browsers.

However, this quite often stops with Netscape, and occasionally Opera. This blog is a result of some browser sniffing by both the Microsoft Office and Intel websites that don't seem to know that anything Netscape 6 or 7 supports, is also supported by the open-source browser Mozilla or any of it's other variations. If your browser fails to display the warnings, view the Intel screenshot and the Microsoft screenshot.

When will people learn that if standard's compliant coding is used, there should be absolutely no reason to even consider browser sniffing!


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This WeBlog is a gallery of websites that basically, just get it wrong! The aim is to showcase the stupidity of some of the worst HTML-Terrorists. It's not just about the millions of average website builders who use image-text navigational links, tables for layout, or nothing but <font> tags. This blog aims to point out those who take that little extra step in making their site difficult to use, completely inaccessable, totally annoying or just hypocritical!

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