Lachlan Hunt

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Web Standards Development

WHATWG (since 2005)
Contributed to the development of the next generation of HTML and related technologies.
W3C HTML Working Group (since 2007)
Contributed to the development of HTML5.
W3C Web Applications Working Group (formerly the Web API WG and WAF WG) (since 2007)
Editor of Selectors API Level 1.
Editor of Selectors API Level 2.
Editor of DOM.

I first joined the W3C Working Groups as an invited expert and then continued as a representative of Opera Software throughout my employment, until subsequently resuming my invited expert status.

Employment History


Frontend Web Developer

From July 2013, I have been working as a front end web developer for NoriginMedia (formerly AspiroTV, until September 2013). This role included the following responsibilities:

Opera Software

Core Technology Tester (Quality assurance for front-end web technologies)

From October 2007, I have been working as a core technology tester and specification writer for Opera Software. This role included the following responsibilities:

Communicator Interactive

Front-End Web Developer

From the end of January to  mid-April 2007, I was employed by Communicator Interactive as an HTML developer.  This role included developing websites for both desktop and mobile environments.

In this role, I developed websites for organisations including 3m, Rexona and Brown Brothers.

Freelance/Contract Work

Front-End Web Developer

From October 2005, I worked as a freelance web developer, completing contracts for front end web development. In these roles, I was responsible for writing standards compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript for each of the websites.

Note: In the years since this work was performed, each of the sites have since been redeveloped by other developers.

These contracts included the following organisations:

CSU Games Technology Site (2007)
Contracted by the then head of the Games Tech course at Charles Sturt University to build their internal course website for use by students.
Blue Cork (2006-12/2007-01)
Contracted by Blue Cork to build the homepage for Selectv <>, and again in January to build a few more pages for the site.
GetMail (2006-06/2006-07)
Built GetMail <>
HotHouse (2006-01/2006-05)
I was re-employed by HotHouse as a contractor to build and maintain the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for 4 new websites for their clients.
Edentiti (Since 2005-10/2006-01)
I have been employed as a contractor with Edentiti to build and maintain their new website.


Front-End Web Developer

I was employed at HotHouse Interactive, initially beginning as a contractor for 1 month, and then continuing for a further 3 months.  During this time, I worked on a number of projects, primarily using standards compliant HTML, CSS and DOM scripting techniques.

In this role, I created and/or worked on a number of websites including Crowne Plaza (related: blog entry), Holiday Inn, Toyota, Homehound, HCF Eyecare and Omnus. My main job was to convert the designs for these pages (Photoshop images) into markup and CSS.

Office Works (Retail)

Loading dock

In this part time role, I worked in the receiving dock, until accepting a full time position at HotHouse. In this role, my duties included receiving, dispatching and logging stock as required. During this time I added to my skills by becoming a qualified forklift driver.

The Farmshed

Front-End Web Developer

I was employed at The Farmshed as a graduate web developer. During my employment, I carried out a number of duties including:

The rebuild process for the new website utilised a number of technologies. The back end was developed using J2EE with Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). The Front end was created using JSP and the mark up was written using semantically structured and valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. All the presentation was handled using CSS, to fully separate the presentation from the content.

Target Country (Retail)

Sales floor assistant/loading dock (Casual work)

I learned how to:

Orientation Week Leader


The role involved assisting with the organisation and running of introductory and initiation activities for first-year university students during orientation week. Attended leadership training as preparation.

Leadership Training


Other Experience


During my final university year I tutored a first-year student in several subjects including ‘Introduction to IT’, also covering website design and the internals of operating systems.

I learned how to help the student to improve his understanding of the subject material and to manage schedules.

AUSCC Conference

In September 2003, my major project group (Akamai Database) attended AUSCC 03 (, the inaugural Australian undergraduate students' computing conference; to present a paper we have written on storing complex data structures in object oriented databases. This event was held at Melbourne University’s Information and Communication Technology centre and provided me with valuable experience in public speaking and improved my presentation skills.


Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

Bachelor of Information Technology (graduated May 2004)

Topics studied include:

Akamai Database Project

As part of my IT degree, I completed a major project in a team of four people developing an object-oriented database application for the storage of images and associated data for Akamai, an artificially intelligent vision system.

Parkes High School

Completed HSC with a UAI of 75.35%

A Universities Admission Index (UAI) is a linear ranking of students based on their final year performance at high school and is used to help determine their admission to university.