Web Jam 3

Web Jam 3 was awesome! I presented a short explanation and demonstration of the video element. For best results, you should use the experimental version of Opera with some support for <video>.

The demonstration video I used was hilarious! I lip synced and danced to the Spice Girls’ hit song Wannabe. You can download it and watch it (Ogg Theora, 14.8MiB). Feel free to remix, share, whatever (my normal copyright licence applies). (If you don’t have a media player that supports Ogg Theora, get VLC or follow the instructions on Wikipedia.)

There were prizes awarded on the night. First prize was Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium and second prize was a ticket to Web Directions South 2007, which were awarded based on SMS voting. There were also several copies of Cubicle Commando awarded randomly to people who had voted for the presentations by SMS.

Earl won the ticket to Web Directions, while I managed to score a copy of Cubicle Commando and also won the Adobe CS3 package! Instead of giving a boring acceptance speech, I ended up giving a live performance of the lip sync dance. Videos of that will be posted somewhere; I’ll let you know when I find out where.

Update: I put the video up on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Web Jam 3

  1. Congratulations, Lachy! Your presentation was such a perfect mix of informative and totally crazy. I loved it!

    Well done, mate. You totally rocked the house!

  2. You’ll be absolutely thrilled to know that not only did I blog this marvy piece of dancin’ & singin’ but I also put yr vid up on Digg. Bless. 🙂

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