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Well, it’s that time of year again and my web hosting needs renewing. What a pain having to go through all that hassle of forking out $US60 every year just so I can keep this site going.

Imagine. What if there was a plan that would be covered for life – well, actually, beyond just my life and well into the next millennia? What if there were a plan that I could just pay once — once only and that would be it? What if I never needed to worry about hosting again (only depending upon the condition that the company doesn’t collapse)?

Oh wait… There is! The life-time hosting plans from A Small Orange (available for a limited time only). I’m going to be taking the life-time medium plan: 1GB disk space, 25GB/month bandwidth. I’m currently on the small plan, but I figure this site will only grow. The once-off $US300 payment is equal to 5 years on the small plan, 2.5 years on the medium plan; which is nothing compared with the life of the site itself.

4 thoughts on “Hosting Plans

  1. I use ASO also and am a big fan. Their price, service, support and commitment are all exceptional. I looked at the Lifetime plan too, but it’s just a big chunk of money all at once, isn’t it? I think it’s easier to have my credit card debited monthly – I’ve barely noticed it. 🙂 (Also, I’m on the Large plan and that wasn’t available as a Lifetime plan.)

  2. Vicki, yes is it a big chunk of money all at once. Personally, I think it’s easier to pay it all up front and not have to worry about making payments, or indeed, making sure I’ve got enough cover it when needed. Granted, it’s such a small amount and I most likely would be able to, but it’s an extra expense I’d need to keep in mind when deciding how much I can spend on other things. It’s a shame a life-time large plan isn’t available though.

  3. Ooh, so tempting. Is for that reason that I took on LiveJournal’s permanent account offer. Convenient, but it also preserves my mundane comments for posterity…

  4. Heh, I guess I’m too cynical about how long a hosting company will last to get excited about “lifetime” hosting 🙂

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