Car Service Means No Mac

This morning, I took my car in for a service. I thought it would just be a simple service — they’d change the oil, check the tires, clean the window, or whatever else they do for a normal service. But NO! It turns out I’ve blown the head gasket! I don’t really know what that is, but apparently it very serious, and caused oil to leak somewhere it shouldn’t have) I got a call from them letting me know how bad it was, and that it was going to cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 AUD, which is quite a bit more expensive than the $90 service I was expecting. But what else should I expect when I’m driving around in an old Hyundai Excel (1992 model). I know. They don’t really excel at anything, but that’s what they’re called.

I had been saving up for, and planning to buy my first Mac soon. I was considering getting one of those new iMacs, but now I have to continue using this old, slow and insecure Windows machine. I really wanted to get one — Macs seem to be the preferred system among web developers, and I really need access to Safari so I can develop websites to work with it.

So, I had a big decision to make. Either I risk leaving the car until I can get back to Parkes where my brother can fix it for less (It’s very handy having a mechanic in the family); or I get it done here in Sydney, even though it may cost more but is probably better for the car. Either way, getting a Mac would have to wait till I can save up again, so I figured the risk wasn’t worth it and decided to get it fixed here. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait another few months before I get a Mac. Unless I get lucky and my boss decides to give a bonus for turning up to work on time. ☺