15 Minutes of Fame

Today, I got the biggest surprise of my life since I started blogging just a few months ago. Well… perhaps not quite the biggest, but still something I’m quite proud of, and worth blogging about. Today, 2004-08-22, an example CSS technique I published, was featured in Dave Shea’s Dailies list.

I know it’s only there for a day, before it’s hidden away in the archives, but everyone has 15 minutes of fame in their life, today I got mine. I think this is a great achievement, even though it’s only one link, it is the first. It just goes to show that even the big guns, such as Dave, haven’t lost sight of the little people, and respect good quality work no matter who it’s from. Of course, I already knew this about Dave, since he accepted and published my CSS Zen Garden design, Office 2003, as he does for many other designers, whether they’re well known or not. (Note to self: I must stop writing about Dave in every post ☺.)

Anyway, I must admit that that has been one of my goals since I became a blogger. ie. To write something good enough that it is considered worth linking to from one of the well known blogs. So, this got me thinking. What are my other goals? What do I want to achieve from my site and from my blogs? How many readers do I have, and how many do I consider to be a respectable amount?

One thing that I feel is important to becoming a good blogger is receiving lots of feedback and comments about what I write, or general comments about my site design, usability and functionality, etc. So, if your reading this, let me know what you think.

I have had some comments previously, and most have been quite positive. But I really want to get more. That way, I can improve the content I publish, which will benefit me because I’ll get more readers, but more importantly, it will benefit my readers because they’ll have something good to read — what good is blog, if no-one enjoys reading it? So, do yourself a favour. Leave me comment: critisize or compliment me — it’s your choice, any feedback is good feedback.

One final note: please at least leave your name and/or URI at the end of your comment. It’s nice to know names, and to see the sites of my readers.